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Wire rope products are utilized in vastly diverse industries and environments. Our job at Lexco Cable is to guide our customers' decisions in selecting the optimal combination of wire rope products for their unique applications.

  • Reduce wire-contact stress
  • Keep lubrication inside
  • Provide greater wear area
  • Reduce internal abrasion
Combining the advantages of PFV, a high-grade thermoplastic material, extruded into a 7-Flex lubricated wire rope, provides additional advantages over non PFV ropes. Through our process, the finished rope has the strand valleys between strands and interstices equally filled with plastic, which seals the lubricant and assures a balanced rope when finished. This also has proven in many applications to give you longer service life and cleaner operation than conventional wire ropes. On the inside, you’ll find our 7-Flex wire rope that withstands the tough pressures of your demanding jobs while the PFV cushions the strands, distributes internal stresses, keeps in wire rope lubricant and keeps out dirt and debris. PFV also helps shed water and dirt, giving you a clean, smooth surface to make it easy to pass over sheaves and onto drums. This smooth surface works to clean and polish as it extends the service life of your sheaves and drums, while also reducing your cleanup requirements and your maintenance costs. PFV doesn’t melt or soften from the heat of normal operating temperatures. It’s also virtually unaffected by sunlight and cold weather. The result is longer service life from your wire rope. It’s a Union wire rope, Tested, Tough & True.

Warning: Wire rope & aircraft cable should never be used at breaking strength. 10:1 safety factor minimum is recommended for critical/overhead application. Do not use for overhead lifting without consulting a wire rope rigging professional. End fittings may not hold to 100% of strength efficiency so a safety factor such as 5:1 should be divided into the assembly actual strength. A pull test is recommended for quality assurance.
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Item #

Wire Rope Dia (in)


Weight (lb/ft)

25778 N/A 3/8 N/A 15,100 lbs N/A 0.27 RFQ
15795 N/A 7/16 N/A 20,400 lbs N/A 0.37 RFQ
15796 N/A 1/2 N/A 26,600 lbs N/A 0.49 RFQ
15797 N/A 9/16 N/A 33,600 lbs N/A 0.61 RFQ
15798 N/A 5/8 N/A 41,200 lbs N/A 0.76 RFQ
RP127859 N/A 3/4 N/A 58,800 lbs N/A 1.09 RFQ
15800 N/A 7/8 N/A 79,600 lbs N/A 1.49 RFQ
RP1”7FLEX N/A 1 N/A 103,400 lbs N/A 1.94 RFQ
15802 N/A 1 1/8 N/A 130,000 lbs N/A 2.46 RFQ
15803 N/A 1 1/4 N/A 159,800 lbs N/A 3.03 RFQ
15804 N/A 1 3/8 N/A 192,000 lbs N/A 3.67 RFQ
15805 N/A 1 1/2 N/A 228,000 lbs N/A 4.31 RFQ
15806 N/A 1 5/8 N/A 264,000 lbs N/A 5.12 RFQ
15807 N/A 1 3/4 N/A 306,000 lbs N/A 5.94 RFQ
15808 N/A 1 7/8 N/A 348,000 lbs N/A 6.83 RFQ
15809 N/A 2 N/A 396,000 lbs N/A 7.77 RFQ
15810 N/A 2 1/8 N/A 442,000 lbs N/A 8.77 RFQ
15811 N/A 2 1/4 N/A 494,000 lbs N/A 9.83 RFQ
1 - 18 of 18 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure