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Wire rope products are utilized in vastly diverse industries and environments. Our job at Lexco Cable is to guide our customers' decisions in selecting the optimal combination of wire rope products for their unique applications.

  • Tough, durable covering
  • High fatigue resistance
  • Resistance to liquid penetration
  • Immune to peeling
For many applications, the SPACE-LAY design has proven far superior to all other known types of plastic coated wire rope. It has also outlasted bright, galvanized and stainless steel ropes – especially where submersion or abrasion prevents formation of a protective oxide film, which these metals require to resist corrosive elements. Under such conditions, SPACE-LAY plastic-impregnated and coated galvanized wire rope offers important advantages to users. With ordinary plastic-coated wire rope, the individual metal strands are in direct contact with each other at many points. As a result, the metal-to-metal contact causes internal friction and wear. Even more important, with conventional constructions, there is no interlocking bond. If the outer cover becomes cut or abraded, it is easily peeled off, exposing the bare metal strands to corrosion. In SPACE-LAY construction, each individual strand is separated from all the others by one or more extra-large “spacer-wires.” This design serves two important functions: (1) It enables the extruded plastic to form a wall of protection around EACH strand. (2) It also assures a tight, interlocking bond between the inner plastic filler and the outer plastic jacket. No peeling or leaking. In SPACE-LAY construction, each individual wire is galvanized for additional corrosion protection.

Warning: Wire rope & aircraft cable should never be used at breaking strength. 10:1 safety factor minimum is recommended for critical/overhead application. Do not use for overhead lifting without consulting a wire rope rigging professional. End fittings may not hold to 100% of strength efficiency so a safety factor such as 5:1 should be divided into the assembly actual strength. A pull test is recommended for quality assurance.
Unit of Measure

Bare Cable Diameter (in)

N/A 3/16

O.D. of Covering (in)

N/A 1/4

Wire Rope Construction

N/A 7x7


N/A 3,700 lbs

Approx. Wt. (lbs/100ft) Air

N/A 6.5

Approx. Wt. (lbs/100ft) Sea Water

N/A 4.3