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Wire rope products are utilized in vastly diverse industries and environments. Our job at Lexco Cable is to guide our customers' decisions in selecting the optimal combination of wire rope products for their unique applications.

The Inivisware® radius ferrule is designed to be hidden within the end post. Only the head will be exposed outside of the post. The head area is a dom-shaped end that is larger than the body of the ferrule and acts as a shoulder to support tension of the cable. The redius ferrule is swaged onto the end of the cable. It is not an adjuster. An Invisiware® reciver or Adjust-A-Jaw Tensioner should be used on the other end for adjustment. Pipe end posts are counterbored to reeive the head and to minimize its exposure on the outside of the post. On flat-sided end posts, the head rests flush against the surface of the post. We include a plastic washer to act as a scratch resistant barrier between the head of the radius ferrule and the surface of the post. Note This part is designed for use on pipe and square tube railng only. It should not be specificied for 3"" x 1"" and 2"" x 1"" double end post construction railings.

Radius Ferrule

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Unit of Measure


Wire Rope Dia

N/A 5/16 "

D Dia. (After Swaged)

N/A 0.500 "

L Length Swaged

N/A 1.000 "

S Head Dia.

N/A 0.865 "

A Shoulder Dia.

N/A 0.687 "