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Wire rope products are utilized in vastly diverse industries and environments. Our job at Lexco Cable is to guide our customers' decisions in selecting the optimal combination of wire rope products for their unique applications.

Stock Eye Nuts listed below, other than Blanks, are drilled and tapped standard regardless of finish. Both types drilled only, with special tapping or finish supplied to specification. Loads are based on a safety factor of 5 to 1. Blanks are self-colored.

NOTE: Loads shown apply to Eye Nuts only, based on a vertical pull, and not to any connecting bolt or stud.

Drilled & Tapped Stainless Steel Type 316
Unit of Measure


Bail Size (in)

N/A 1/4"

Tap Size

N/A 1/4" - 20

Wt. per 100 pcs (lbs)

N/A 8.2


N/A 1-1/4


N/A 1-1/16


N/A 19/32


N/A 1/2


N/A 1/4


N/A 1-11/16


N/A 3/4

Safe Working Load

N/A 520 lbs